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VisualBase is a dynamic business application engine with powerful development tools at Run-Time. VisualBase can bring you the optimal solution because of its capability, flexibility and reliability;

Capability: VisualBase is armed with a complete set of software tools and functionalities (Application Intelligence, Workflow Engine, Multi-Language interface, Development Tools, etc.) that any business application may need.

Flexibility: Changes in business rules and needs never stop, VisualBase is very flexible responding to such changes. VisualBase empowers companies to amend application behavior as needed in timely manner and minimal cost due to the fact VisualBase allows privileged users to do these changes themselves.

Reliability: The stability and continuity of service, your business can rely on VisualBase. VisualBase engine enables companies to create or expand their own custom modules and applications.

following are the key features of VisualBase Business Application Engine 

a.       Business Application Intelligence

VisualBase goes beyond normal data retrieval systems; the meaningful links converts the abstract data into informative cubes, enables users to see different angle views of business information. VisualBase also has a learning capability; users can tell the system to keep certain rules to be used automatically in similar locations.


b.       Unparalleled application flexibility

VisualBase is very flexible to respond to business changes. Changes in business rules never stop, always we have new ideas, new business needs, with VisualBase you can amend application behavior responding to new business needs in a minimal cost and time, and you may do this even without getting back to the application vendor, privileged users can change calculation formulas, set new rules , amend workflows … amazing!


c.        Workflow engine

Workflow is a defined sequence of tasks within an organization to produce a final outcome. Workflow engine allows you with graphical tools to define different workflows for different types of jobs; defining the tasks sequence, rolls, responsibilities and actions, for example; for an annual vacation, employee make a vacation request, the system route the request for supervisor approval, supervisor also determine employee substitution, upon approval the system route for manager approval upon manager approval vacation, the system execute certain procedure for vacation records and notify employee about vacation approval


d.       Web Portal

Regardless of the operating system that user deal with; or the type of device which is used, whether a computer or smart phone; the user can use the same login information, used to access VisualBase desktop version, to access the portal with same privileges granted to him, and same language and appearance which he like.


User can input data and print reports through the portal, send approval requests and approve/reject approval requested sent to him, use the calendar to remind him about his tasks whether they are related to the work or to his personal affairs, attach any files with data records, and display part of data if it is huge.


e.       Document Management

VisualBase provides paper-less environment; Documents can captured, shared and sent with just a few clicks of a mouse and without the expense of printing documents


f.        Events & notification

VisualBase can monitor registered business status/events, and notify interested users about these events, users can be notified by application window and by emails, for example; two weeks before the expiry date of selected materials located on specified locations, VisualBase can send emails for location supervisor and for material control manager.


g.       Dashboard

Dashboard provides at-a-glance views of key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to a particular objective or business process also



h.       Development tools

Protect company investment in IT solutions, the ability to adapt in response of changing business rules or even expanding application functionality, privileged and trained users can expand existing applications by creating new forms, reports or even new applications, or dramatically change existing application. User experience with relational databases, SQL and SP is required but not in programming languages.


i.        Programming Mode

Ability of amending application behavior (applying new business rules, change formulas) without referring to application vendor 


j.        Ease of use and User Productivity

User friendly, reduces training cost and enhances end-user productivity

A user profile can manage many, many user preferences, short cuts, hot and function keys, color theme. On the other hand VisualBase offers many features to enhance user productivity, like copy as, copy and paste, export to ms-word, ms-excel, pdf and much more  


k.       Online support and upgrade facility

VisualBase users can automatically get new versions of VisualBase, though the Internet by enabling automatic update feature, upgrading for new versions of VisualBase “application engine” enables new features of the engine while protecting clients’ business applications and business rules 





l.        Audit Trial

VisualBase keeps records of all transactions, updates made on specified data items, these records logs transaction time, date, user and transaction type and value. 



m.      Security & Active Directory Integration

Active Directory is a technology created by Microsoft that provides a variety of network services like central location for network administration and delegation of authority, Information security and single sign-on for user access to networked based resources.VisualBase can integrate with Active Directory to benefit from these services allowing better user management, and single sign-on for many applications and much more.  


n.       Multi Language Support

VisualBase offers application dictionary feature, users can enter applications/business terms translation into the application dictionary for any language and let VisualBase translate and display a full user interface in the selected language.


o.       Quick Print

Creating reports On-The-Fly, Grouping, Sorting and printing with powerful filtering tools for each user.

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